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the best place to get your tracks produced and mixed & mastered, by the award-nominated music producer.

enjoy studio master-quality audio with

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Apple has developed its own lossless audio compression technology called Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC). You can listen to music that hasn't been compressed and therefore retains all the detail and nuance of the original recordings.

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Authenticated and unbroken, with the highest possible resolution — as flawless as it sounded in the mastering suite and precisely as the artist intended.

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Offering MQA sound quality allows you to hear music just as it was recorded in the studio, signed-off by the artists and recording engineers. And offers it to all TIDAL HiFi Plus tier subscribers under the ‘Master’ listing. 

they said

before & after samples

Are you struggling to find the best mixing and mastering services for your next music release? Well, let's impress your fans and boost your career like never before. Below you can listen to few before and after, mix and mastering examples.

Please use

Before - HanthaneCosta
After - HanthaneCosta
Before - Numbe MathakeKelwiz
After - Numbe MathakeKelwiz
Before - Yannemi MidilaGavin Andrew
After - Yannemi MidilaGavin Andrew
Before - MiyulasiyeSanthur
After - MiyulasiyeSanthur
Before - Mage SayaneRakhel
After - Mage SayaneRakhel
Before - Kaale Thaale RangeLPL 2022 Derana Cricket Song
After - Kaale Thaale RangeLPL 2022 Derana Cricket Song
Before - Palaweni HaduwaDilki Uresha
After - Palaweni HaduwaDilki Uresha

Huge difference, right? Listen to more samples and see that you are surely in the right place!

"I provide a one-of-a-kind gold standard digital mix~mastering experience" - Azim Ousman

Listen to the collection of tracks that I've engineered with the most advanced mix techniques.

Azim Ousman Mix & Mastered.png
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why azim ousman?

Azim goes deeper into the most innovative mixing techniques when he takes over projects and will transform and get the best possible version of an artist's song rather than JUST mixing.